Presidential Remarks 2012

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UCF's special recipe for economic progress

The growth of Florida's high-tech economy depends on cultivating new innovations that can spawn business with well-paying jobs. In this community focus breakfast on November 16, 2012, President Hitt explains why research universities like UCF are essential to economic development, cites UCF high-tech success stories, and details some of the efforts that make UCF's recipe for economic development a winner. Attendees received a complimentary bottle of "Cajun Grilling Sauce" with a picture of the Knightro mascot and a slogn of "Heating Up Florida's Economy."

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Celebrating UCF's 20th Annual Diversity Week

Becoming more inclusive and diverse is one of UCF's five key goals established by President Hitt when he became president in 1992. At the annual diversity breakfast on October 15, 2012, President Hitt explains why advancing the goal continues to be so crucial for UCF.

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President's 2012 State of the University Address

The subjects of size and growth tend to arise often when your institution has the largest enrollment in Florida and the second largest in the nation. Is bigger better or is smaller better for UCF? In its 50th anniversary year, what is UCF's position on growth, and where should we be heading? President Hitt addresses those questions and more during his 2012 State of the University Address on September 25, 2012. This video also includes remarks from Dr. Ida Cook, chair of the UCF Faculty Senate, and Cortez Whatley, president of the UCF Student Government Association.

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Lockheed Martin's generous gift for educators

President Hitt salutes UCF's long-standing ties with Lockheed Martin in his August 24, 2012, remarks about the company's $500,000 gift to UCF geared to help STEM instructors of today and tomorrow.

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President Hitt's 20th anniversary on campus

On March 1, 2012, the UCF campus community packed the Student Union’s Pegasus Ballroom to celebrate the 20th anniversary of President John Hitt and UCF First Lady Martha Hitt. Follow the event, catch the remarks of President Hitt and the other speakers, and see congratulatory video messages from one of UCF’s special days.

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President Hitt, Part 1: “We change all the time.”

President Hitt reflects on his personal influences, goals, and his tenure at UCF with host Diane Trees of the Metro Center Outlook show on WUCF TV. This is the first of two segments featuring President Hitt in recognition of his 20th anniversary at UCF.

President Hitt, Part II: “It’s a big group effort.”

In his second interview with Metro Center Outlook about his 20th anniversary at UCF, President Hitt discusses the importance of quality, economic growth, partnerships and the future.

President Hitt's 20th anniversary video

Learn more about the history of UCF and President Hitt’s impact during his 20 years at UCF. Dr. Hitt became UCF’s fourth president on March 1, 1992. Since then, UCF has grown from the 115th-largest university in America to the nation’s second-largest university and Florida’s largest.

Rebooting the UCF study space experience

"Clearly, this is not the study space of your father – or mother," President Hitt said at the grand opening of the UCF Technology Commons on January 10, 2012.

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