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Welcome to America’s Leading Partnership Uuniversity! As the largest university in Florida and the second-largest university in the nation, UCF offers many exciting opportunities in academics, athletics, clubs and organizations, research, and campus life. Our modern campus fosters an environment of participation and collaboration.

UCF is more than a university—it is also a diverse and inclusive community in dynamic Central Florida. UCF stands for opportunity because of its investment in the intellectual and professional development of everyone in our community, including our students, faculty and staff members, friends, and neighbors. UCF offers high-quality education to the best and brightest students. It attracts renowned experts to its faculty in a wide variety of fields. It offers recreational facilities, a 10,000-seat arena, and the Bright House Networks Stadium in addition to other campus and community resources.

Like Pegasus, our symbol, UCF is ascending. As UCF continues its mission of teaching, research, and service, all of us can look forward to a bright future of endless opportunities.

John C. Hitt


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President-Elect Dale Whittaker outlines transition plans

Dr. Dale Whittaker, UCF president-elect and executive vice president, will succeed UCF President John Hitt on July 1. Learn more about President-Elect Whittaker's plans and aspirations for America's Partnership University as he prepares to become UCF's 5th president. Also, see the full story about Dr. Whittaker's appointment and learn more about UCF's next president.